2024 Magical Santa Photos in Palm Harbor (Tampa), Florida

Pictures with Santa your whole family will treasure for generations to come

This is an unforgettable Santa Portrait Experience with a focus on creating memorable and magical photos. The photo session has been designed to allow your child to interact with Santa Claus one-on-one, at their own pace, as our photographer, Elf Anna, captures the magical wonder in their eyes.

Available in Palm Harbor (Tampa Bay area), Florida

little girl painting magic on Santa's nose

A Private & Personal Santa Photo Experience

Tired of waiting in long lines for a rushed photo with Santa? Step into Magical Santa Photos, a personalized Santa encounter that goes beyond a quick click. Imagine your little ones walking in to meet Santa in a private and comfortable setting. As they step onto the set, Santa will greet them personally by their name, instantly sparking excitement as they wonder “Could this be the REAL Santa?” From sharing cookies to checking the Nice List, this is so much more than just a photo session; it’s a magical encounter. Let’s make this holiday season truly special for your child with Magical Santa Photos – a moment of joy, with personalized Santa pictures, where the spirit of Christmas comes to life!

three children toasting milk with Santa


We will take your child through a magical photo session, where they get to hang out with the Jolly man!

children with santa


A special moment with Santa your child will never forget!

child giving santa a high five


Children have walked away saying they have officially met the REAL Santa!

Featured Product: The Christmas Storybook

Imagine reading a personalized Christmas story starring your child alongside Santa. This is a heirloom quality piece filled with pictures of their visit with Santa. This will become a piece of your family tradition that will last for generations to come, as your child will one day share it their children and grandchildren.

Handcrafted and professionally printed.

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The years of childhood wonder and the magic of “believing” are fleeting. This is why we created this personal and enchanting experience to capture beautiful pictures with Santa for your family. Does this sound like something your children would enjoy? Contact us!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Magical Santa Photos Experience so unique and special?

  • Training and Education – This isn’t your average photo session with Santa. This entire experience has been carefully created after years of professional training and education in Fine Art Santa Portrait Photography. This is part of the commitment to providing you with the best service with a goal to ensure that your session is up to par with professional standards.
  • Meticulously Designed – This is not just a quick snap of a button. Your child deserves so much more than that. This precious memory is a special moment and we are determined to give it our all. Attention to detail is an understatement. Every component of this project has been carefully studied and personalized so that your child can receive a unique memory to last a lifetime! They are only this age for one year, our mission is to create a timeless memory to freeze this moment for a lifetime.
  • Your Child Will Not Be Treated As A Number – We strive for quality over quantity, so we are specifically only offering a limited amount of spots in order to give your family the attention you deserve and the highest quality of service possible. We want to know you by name and want to be available for you throughout the entire process, from inquiry to delivery of the final products.
  • The Final Result – While we love offering digital packages so you can share your child’s experience with your friends and family on social media, we also strongly believe in the power of tangible art. Our archival quality handcrafted product line will allow you to display your child’s beautiful portraits in an elegant and unique way, bringing smiles to your family every time you walk past it, for generations to come.
  • Professional Santa – It is important to us to only work with a professional and educated Santa Claus who understands what it means to be Santa as portraying this role is so crucial. We don’t know how we got so lucky but we seriously think our Santa is the real one.

What is the difference between a “Santa Experience” and pictures with Santa, like the ones at the mall?

Getting pictures done with Santa can mean many things. Generically speaking, it’s an opportunity for your child to sit with Santa for a photo, for a specific amount of time. Many times you just walk up, like at the mall, and Santa may have no idea who your child is. The Magical Santa Photos is a personalized portrait session. Santa will be expecting your child and know who they are! The Experience will transport your child into a world of wonder and excitement. Every detail is carefully crafted to make sure your child walks away knowing they just met the REAL Santa Claus! Their excitement begins the moment they are surprised by receiving a personalized mailed invitation from Santa to your home mailbox! Then, on the day of the experience, your child will have the opportunity to do more than just sit on Santa’s lap for a quick photo. They’ll get to interact with him in various activities ways. For instance, they will be able to look for their name on Santa’s Nice List and share cookies with him! These interactive exchanges will all be captured to create the most magical Santa portraits, to forever remember the joyful wonder in your child’s eyes. From a custom Christmas Storybook to custom holiday cards and ornaments, this will make for a memorable and meaningful holiday season keepsake.

When is the best time to book?

As soon as you are ready! There are only a limited number of appointments available once they are all booked the experience will be closed for this year. If you are thinking of booking and have any questions, please contact us so that we can give you all the information you need and help you secure a spot!

I have more than one child, can they share a session?

While individual sessions will allow for a fully personalized one-on-one experience, siblings are more than welcome to share a session.

Are payment plans available?

Yes, if you would like to sign up for a custom payment plan please just let us know and we’ll be happy to assist. The earlier you book, the smaller the payments can be!

Where do the sessions take place?

The Magical Santa Photos event is available in Palm Harbor, Florida (in the Tampa Bay area). The sessions take place in a private studio location by appointment only. There will only be one family at a time in the studio, to create a personal, private, and relaxed setting away from the public. For the safety of Santa and all the families participating and to ensure the event remains private and exclusive, the exact address will be shared only with officially booked families closer to the event date. For mapping and planning purposes, the Palm Harbor Santa photo event will take place in the 34684 zip code.If you have any questions about the location of our event, please contact Elf Anna at anna@afpshoots.com.

Are family photos allowed?

Yes! Parents or grandparents may join in for a family portrait. Just let Elf Anna know so she can plan accordingly.

When do I get to see my photos?

Our goal is to get your photos back to you ASAP. Days after the session you will receive an email with instructions on booking your Reveal and Ordering appointment. This is when you will get to see your photos, select your favorites, and submit your final order. These appointments will be available in person or virtually.

Are photos included in the package?

Photos are sold separately. Each family likes to enjoy photos differently, so everything is available to you a-la-carte. This way you get to build your own package and only buy what you love! Both the Experience and the Express options do include a photo credit to use towards your photo order.

two children wearing a Team Santa pj shirts having cookies with Santa

Your new family Christmas tradition is only a few clicks away!

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